Welcome to my IT portfolio. This website is about what I have done for this class during our last quarter of my school. You can see my work by looking at these different pages: Investigate, Plan, Create, and Evaluate. Each pages will include two paragraphs about the page and ESLR I had achieved, a reflection about what I did, and my work I did for each step of the Technology Design Cycle (Investigate, Plan, Create, and Evaluate). My pages will be organized by starting with a brief introduction about each of the four different parts of the Technology Design Cycle, then about which ESLR's I have achieved, my work, and finally a reflection about my work. As I said earlier, the four stages of the Technology Design Cycle are: Investigate, Plan, Create, and Evaluate.

Before I talk about something else, I need to introduce about myself. As you may know, my name is Yoko and I'm an eighth grader at my school. I made this portfolio to show other people what I had done this year at my school. I have learned many things from this IT class; I created my own e-card by using Flash, which I didn't even know what it is at first.

I had done these things to finish my project: research on e-cards, brainstorm, create a tutorial, draw a storyboard, create an e-card, type reflections, and complete worksheets. During the project, we worked on a wiki collaboration (The Horizon Project) and Sarah and I were assigned to work on the Virtual Worlds. We actually commented what the High Schoolers had done, on the Student Feedback page. It was quite a hard work for us, because this project is for older, and more experienced people.

This is a picture of my favorite anime Black Cat:

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