Student Reviewers: Hannah and Farouk

Topic Reviewed: User Created Content

  • What do you understand about the trend itself?
The idea that the person with the computer can put self created data onto the internet. It is the way of the future.
  • Why do you think the trend is important for the future?
Later on in the future it will be easier to manipulate the internet into what he/she wants. Also technology will be widely used for daily life.
  • If the actual report is written for adults, how could the project teams make the information easier for you to understand?
To reduce the use of sophisticated vocabulary, and add more images, movies.
  • What would you expect to find out in each trend's section?
What it can do, how it is important, specific details, what can be put on it, how are we using it now and what are their benefits.
  • How will you decide if the project team has done a good job of their trend?
If it includes very fine details from well thought out research and if their videos are good examples of what they are trying to put across.

Criteria-based Feedback:

Criteria Descriptors
Student Reviewer Feedback
Quality of Content

Does the content (writing) make sense?
The content of this page is extremely well written and very easy to read, all details are expressed easily as well as understood well by anybody.
All of the paragraphs have relevant information in them and they do not have any irrelevant information in them.
Also all the websites listed can clearly be identified as user created content.
Can you identify any areas which need clarification?
Everything makes sense. No clarification is needed.
Pose three questions that arise from your reading
How will people in the near future use these user created content pages if half the world is in poverty, and hardly any of the schools in those areas have computers?
Will the older generations like it if or accept it if user created content pages become more liked by the student body and are used frequently for various reasons?
How is user created content better than actually physically having the object with you (e.g. you have written up an assignment, and just printed it off, then your computer crashes and everything on it is lost , only you have physically got the assignment with you.)?

Look at the Discussion pages of the wiki pages - effective communication?
It communicates with the writers (which is good) only it doesn't give them enough information for them to make changes or realize what could make the pages better.
Do they need more?
The communication amongst themselves is good, but could be so much better, as they could all give them more detailed hints.
Are they clear in their messages to each other?
They are clear because their feedback as it is very basic, and is understood easily. whereas if they could make it more detailed it would seen a lot clearer.
Is there a sense of negotiation and collaboration?
There is a sense there but it could be more powerful.

Does the work appear to be equally shared?
Yes, you have equally shared your work as your discussion page is filled with people who have seen your work.
Does there appear to be any difficulties by one or more members of the team?
No, it looks like you collaborate very well together, and everyone has done everything and chosen the best outcome from that.
Presentation - Layout and Design

Amount and relevance of graphics and media - comment on that
There is a reasonable amount of pictures graphics and video each one related to it's underlined title.
Put more videos on as they give more details, and also they entertain the audience.

Summary of Feedback:

What do you think are the three key facts from the project?
How user created content will be unlocked in the near future, how beneficial it will be, and also how easy it will be to use.

Evaluate the accessibility and usability of the project (video, links, alt text, etc...)? Can you find the information easily? Is it formatted clearly?
All links, videos and text are related to user created content, and bring out interesting ideas and details that help you understand more about the topic and also the actions that some people are taking.

Is there anything that you would add? There may be important links or ideas that we have covered in class that you could add to this project.
How even political ideas are changed by one persons opinion being able to be accessed by a wide audience, and having the power to be heard by everyone and even change their opinions.

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