Student Reviewers: Hanisa and JM

Topic Reviewed: Social Networking

  • What do you understand about the trend itself?
Social Networking is a place that many students use to communicate with others from different places. Its trend is used daily and hourly by many people. It's a place they go to post blog, pictures interest about themselves. Others with the same interest will comment back. Many students have immense interest to different social networking also because it can increase their ways on how to communicate with others.
  • Why do you think the trend is important for the future?
We have a disagreement. JM agreed with the trend because it can improve your skills on how you communicate with others, and when you've learned something good about it maybe you can apply it on your daily life.
Hanisa disagreed with the trend because she believes that communicating with others on the internet is a waste of time. It is better to communicate with others by talking on the phone or hang out at the mall. People go online on myspace for hours, and myspace is not really a secure place from teenagers because to join the myspace, you have to at least be the age 14 and up. However, anyone that is under 14 can join. She knows this because she has a friend that is only 12 and that have joined myspace.
  • If the actual report is written for adults, how could the project teams make the information easier for you to understand?
They could add pictures, or examples. The word choice, or the way it's written should not be written like an IB exam grade. It should be written in a way for every age to read. Maybe they should make the sentences clear and smooth, so that everyone can understand it.
  • What would you expect to find out in each trend's section?
We expect to learn new information about the trends of social networking, how often it's used, what kind of people use it, how it affect others, and new ideas about social networking that can help others in education.
  • How will you decide if the project team has done a good job of their trend?
The information shouldn't be difficult to understand, they should include pictures, examples, and very descriptive ideas that can help others in education.

Criteria-based Feedback:

Criteria Descriptors
Student Reviewer Feedback
Quality of Content

Does the content (writing) make sense?
Yes, it made sense. the way it was written wasn't all over the place, very structured and clear.
Can you identify any areas which need clarification?
No, we can't because it was clearly written and you can easily understand the content.
Pose three questions that arise from your reading
1.) What other ways that can help students to collaborate with others withot using social networking as their tool?
2.) How can this tool help and not turn it into some place for chit-chat like mypace, facebook, friendster, hi5?
3.)What new ideas that can improve students on how they use social networking in education?

Look at the Discussion pages of the wiki pages - effective communication?
Some were effective communication, but few of the discussions were little questions and comments.We think it's better if they created some other places for questions and comments.
Do they need more?
We don't know if they need more discussion, but most probably because we think the discussion part of it was a little too short. the questions and comments was a little to much. The links that others gave away for help, we thought were really useful, however, it would be better if that too was to put on a different page.
Are they clear in their messages to each other?
Some were clear, but as we said before, it was more of a posting question page then discussions. The questions could turn out to a discussion, but few people discuss back.
Is there a sense of negotiation and collaboration?
There weren't really much negotiation. but there were collaboration when other people help out by giving links to the topic.

Does the work appear to be equally shared?
No, because the leader of the subject or topic had commented or tried to discus about the lack of work some of the team members didn't do.
Does there appear to be any difficulties by one or more members of the team?
We don't know for sure, but our opinion is that there might be difficulties by one or more members of the team because as we mentioned before, the team leader had commented for one or a few of the team members to hand in their work.
Presentation - Layout and Design

amount and relevance of graphics and media - comment on that
The amount and relevance of graphics and media were enough and appropriate. Some of the graphics were very effective, useful, and it matches the topic.
The members must do their part of the project. Get more discussions.

Summary of Feedback:

What do you think are the three key facts from the project?
We think that the three most important key facts in the project are not as reliable as you think it is, because we learned that few of the social networking websites had many drawbacks, teenagers and adults don't take the privacy issue seriously because as Hanisa mentioned before that her friend used myspace at under age and posted inappropriate pictures on it and men would post inappropriate comments. If you lie at your age and said 30 yrs old, people can view your home page, so you would not have privacy and no one cares. Social networking can improve skills on how you communicate with others. When you are communicating with others your skills are being practice, so if you practice and practice it may result to an effective way on how you collaborate with them. We also learned that not all social networking websites are for chatting like myspace, friendster. Learnerblogs are one of great example of social networking websites that students and adults post blogs or informations for education.

Evaluate the accessibility and usability of the project (video, links, alt text, etc...)? Can you find the information easily? Is it formatted clearly?
Yes, because we can easily understand those informations like the text in the content. The sentences are written clearly and smoothly. So, it was helpful and useful for everyone.

Is there anything that you would add? There may be important links or ideas that we have covered in class that you could add to this project.
We think that they should add a little bit of examples of affects that can be cause to and by students and adults. It will be more interesting if they add different ways on how students and adults can use the ways they have learned in social networking.

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