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General Description of the Portfolio:

  • What will viewers find on this website?
  • What pieces of work will you share?
  • How will your page be organized?
  • What are the parts of the Technology Design Cycle?

Welcome to my online portfolio! During the 4th (LAST!) quarter, we worked HARD to create our e-cards in computers class.
On this website, you would be able to find my other pages: Investigate, Plan, Create, and Evaluate. Each of the pages contain introduction, brief ESLR paragraph, things we completed during that technology design cycle, and reflection. Pieces of work I will share include brainstorm, Tutorial (simple demonstration of e-card) research I did in the beginning of Investigate, scanned copy of my storyboard (Plan), and the actual e-card created by SARAH (Create).

My pages will be organized by having different pieces of work (that includes introductions, ESLR paragraphs, and reflections) based on which technology design cycle it fits into. There will be buttons on each of the pages through which you would be able to click and view different pages without trouble.
The four different parts of the Technology Design Cycle are (of course) Investigate, Plan, Create, and Evaluate. During the Investigate lessons, we created a tutorial and mind map, and we also did some research on 'excellent' e-cards plus some worksheets. After the Investigate, we started Planning where we drew lovely storyboards by hand (that was challenging for many of us!). Then, we finally created our e-card (Create) using prior knowledge from the Investigate and Plan.

Introduction to you:

  • What grade are you in?
  • Why did you make this portfolio?
  • What did you learn?

Oh, I forgot the simplest part of the introduction: introduction about ME! Well, hello again. My name is (DUH! It's on the very top of this page) Sarah and I am in 8th grade; in about 3~4 months, I will start my high-school-years! I made this portfolio to show other people, especially my parents, what I have done, AND to reflect my TECHNOLOGICAL growth throughout this quarter. WOW, looking back, I learned SO many things this quarter; having to start from nowhere, I ended up with a LOVELY e-card created by SARAH in my hands! (For specific things I learned, check my Create page's reflection.)

Introduction to your Projects:

  • A brief overview of the Flash Project
  • A brief overview of this wiki collaboration
  • Links to any other online work you have done at school

Back to my ACADEMIC introduction... Firstly, my Flash project. We all came a LONG way; from doing research in the beginning of the 4th quarter to writing the final reflection at the end. Well, to wrap everything up, here are the things we did throughout the quarter to create our CUTE e-cards: research on e-cards, create a tutorial, complete worksheets, brainstorm (Investigate); draw a storyboard (Plan); create an e-card (Create); and finally writing the FINAL reflection (Evaluate).

In the middle of the Flash project, (some time between Plan and Create) we worked on a wiki collaboration project called The Horizon Project. It was practically just commenting on the work that other HIGH SCHOOL students have done. It was quite challenging for us because, as I mentioned, because this project was for older, more experienced students. However, we all did a VERY impressive job together (in a pair of two). I wrote a LONG comment on Virtual Worlds and you can check them HERE. You can also check the original article HERE.

Lastly (I am sorry about this long BRIEF introduction), here is a list of links to other online work I have done at school that you can check:
1. My Blog
2. The Horizon Project (Virtual Worlds) Feedback (done by me and Yoko)
3. The original article of Virtual Worlds done by High School Students
4. Expected School Learning Results