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Hello all and welcome to my electronic portfolio. As you know my name is Mitchell, but you might not know I am in grade 8, I am an Aussie and I am a teenager , I also have a brother a sister, a mother, and a father .

"this is a picture I recently took in Phuket, Thailand.", to see more of my pictures click here

But that's enough about that. This is my IT (computer) class portfolio, I will be mostly telling you about my e-card that I made in Flash for my friend Fredrik. I enjoyed making this e-card and all the steps that went into making it because it was fun and exciting. I also learnt all about the Flash program while making it. Something else that will be included is my mind-map. The last thing we did was we peer reviewed the "Horizon Project" which was a project being done by high school students all around the world, to view the project Horizon-project-thumb.gif (click that thumb), the section I peer reviewed (with Catrina) was on the future of mobile phones which you can view if you Horizon-project-thumb.gif (click that thumb).

In my IT (computer) class I have learnt about so much. This is including how to make this very wiki-space, also all of the inns and outs of apples and more specifically Flash.

The cycle I have followed in my work is called the "Technology Design Cycle" and it includes, investigate, plan, create, and evaluate. In investigate we went to the hallmark website and took notes on various e-cards that were on there, second we made a mind map of atleast three ideas for our e-cards, lastly in the investigate stage we created a very simple and easy flash animation to show us the basic ropes. In the plan stage the only thing we did was create a storyboard of all our keyframes and frames to be included in our e-cards. In the most interesting stage, the create stage, we actually created our final product using all the criteria our class same up with. Last and maybe least the evaluate stage, the one and only thing we did in this stage was write a very long reflection that some may say was 'fun'.


Making my Flash e-card I believe I have used all of the ESLR's (which are the 'Expected School wide Learning Results'). The ESLR's include, involved citizen, effective communicator, academic achiever, self-directed learner, and critical thinker. I was an involved citizen because I helped other people in need of great help. Secondly I was an effective communicator because I asked other people for help when I really needed it. Thirdly I was an academic achiever because I did all parts of the technology design cycle and handed them in on time. Fourthly I was a self directed learner because if i couldn't figure something out I tried my hardest and if I still couldn't then I asked someone else to help me. Finally I was a critical thinker because I had to back to last years' IT class to figure stuff out like how to create buttons in adobe photo-shop.