Student Reviewers:

Daniel B., Fredrik W.

Topic Reviewed:

Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming

  • What do you understand about the trend itself?
Educational games can improve education and many other key skills where you need to use either a computer or some electronic devise where you need precision.
  • Why do you think the trend is important for the future?
Todays kids are living in an world where electronics and virtual worlds are everywhere, so we have to adapt to their world. MMORPGs, such as World Of Warcraft, are affecting their lives. If you create a similar game and let the students play it at school, it will be on the best seller list!
  • If the actual report is written for adults, how could the project teams make the information easier for you to understand?
By using easier vocabulary, and comparing serious games with MMORPGs that kids play!
  • What would you expect to find out in each trend's section?
We think that there will be examples of different games they want to be made and games that have already been made. Examples of why it is important to have MMEGs and links to different MMEG games that have already been made.
  • How will you decide if the project team has done a good job of their trend?
they would have done a good job if:
  1. they posted their ideas and showed who posted them.
  2. made sure that everyone had equal amount of work to do.
  3. The good discussion pages are posted to the main page.
  4. Clear and easy to understand.

Criteria-based Feedback:

Criteria Descriptors
Student Reviewer Feedback
Quality of Content

Does the content (writing) make sense?
We think that the content is very basic and can be understood by everyone, except for the line "MMOs are educational they are typically a single player or a group of players working towards a common goal and learning on the way there whilst having fun."
Can you identify any areas which need clarification?
Some of the places that need clarification are: When will it be used in schools? If these games are made then isn't pointless to go to school because you can play these games at home? It doesn't state anywhere how to make the game educational and entertaining.
Pose three questions that arise from your reading
Three questions that raised when we were reading were:
  1. Would these games replace teachers?
  2. How will these games be used in schools?
  3. Who would make these games?

Look at the Discussion pages of the wiki pages - effective communication?
Some of the discussion pages are less helpful such as "making our own time line'' because no one replied, while some have some good information. Some would be helpful to the people making the wiki.
Do they need more?
I think that they would need more helpful discussion pages and not some many ones that have only one question being asked.
Are they clear in their messages to each other?
Some of the discussion pages are very descriptive and well thought out which makes it easier to follow along with, while others are pointless and cannot be understood or answered.
Is there a sense of negotiation and collaboration?
Yes depending on the discussion page you may see a sense of negotiation such as, Peer review and Feed Back have very good discussions going on.

Does the work appear to be equally shared?
From their point of view, knowing what their suppose to do, yes but from a visitors view, its really confusing.
Does there appear to be any difficulties by one or more members of the team?
Yes, their project manager wasn't at school for the beginning of the project.
Presentation - Layout and Design

amount and relevance of graphics and media - comment on that
There was only one graph on the main page which we thought was not enough. This is because it is easier to understand things with visual aids. There were no links to the good discussion pages, so it took along time to find the helpful discussion pages out of the bad ones. Finally the were no videos which we thing should have been there because people are interested in moves than reading pages of words.
Have a movie about MMEGs and how it will help students in their daily lives.

Summary of Feedback:

What do you think are the three key facts from the project?
  1. MMEGs can greatly improve the students memory about the topics at hand.
  2. That people learn more from doing the real thing than having lectures or reading textbooks.
  3. Games can help tech people about things like hand-eye coordination and hand-mind coordination.

Evaluate the accessibility and usability of the project (video, links, alt text, etc...)? Can you find the information easily? Is it formatted clearly?
It is easy to find the little information they have, everything is in a different discussion group. They provided useful links but some of them were empty or not working. There also where very few videos and graphs telling us about MMEGs.

Is there anything that you would add? There may be important links or ideas that we have covered in class that you could add to this project.
We would have add some more links and videos to the main page because now you need to go thought every discussion page to find for example: links.

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