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Welcome to my online portfolio!

Hey, my name is JM and I am in 8th grade. This electronic portfolio is part of our project in IT. To work with this online project I need to finish all the things that were included in the steps in the "Technology Design Cycle". I know that doing this project is challenging but very interesting, and I made this project to share and to show what I learned in this project. I learned many ideas about this project, specially in Flash. In Flash, I learned the basic ways on how to make an e-card.

So, here you can find the online portfolio of JM. YOU! Yeah you, you can check my Investigate, Create, Plan, and Evaluate. ^^
It includes my reflections, and there are many more to check, specially in Create, inside it is my e-card about "Happy Earth's Day!". You can see that my e-card is completely finished and with the help of Flash, my e-card was created and it looks good. Those four steps are included in the Technology Design Cycle, the parts of our portfolio project.

In my Flash project, I've first started researching about e-cards in Investigate step. Then, I drawn a storyboard in Plan step. Next is Create, I've created an e-card using Macromedia Flash, and lastly writing a final reflection in Evaluate. When we were doing our Flash project, we were assigned to worked with "The Horizon Project". Basically, it was posting comment about the works of the other older students that they've done, and we made some feedback pages. The topic of my partner and I was about Social Networking.

So far, I made some works that I could share to all of you. My English blog, I made a blog in my English class to post some articles, and another work, my dragon wiki. I made a wiki in my Art class about my dragons.
You may check my links about my English blog and my Art wiki. ^^