hannahportfolio.jpghannahportfolio.jpghannahportfolio.jpgHannah's Portfolio Page

These are my other pages from my portfolio:
Hannah Investigate
Hannah Plan
Hannah Create
Hannah Evaluate

General description of the portfolio:

  • What will viewers find on this website?
  • What pieces of work will you share?
  • How will your page be organized?
  • What are the parts of the Technology Design Cycle?

  • The viewers on this website will find my assignment from I.T. during quarter 4. examples of the assignment include:Written Assignments, Brainstorms, An actual flash animation, and many others.
  • I will share introductions to each aspect of the project and also the description of which ESLR'S I met and how I met them. Also, brainstorms, research, storyboard, finished animation and reflections.
  • Each page will have links to all of my other pages at the top, this page being the main page.
  • The parts of the technology design cycle are: Investigate, plan, create, and evaluate.

Introduction to me:

  • What grade are you in?
  • Why did you make this portfolio?
  • What did you learn?

turquoise-wallpaper.jpg I am in 8th grade. I made this portfolio to show all of my work that I put in to make a single flash animation.
During this project I learned all about how to use the basics of flash and also how to make a flash animation. I also learned how to use all of the tweens needed to make the flash animation.

Introduction to your projects:

  • A brief overview of the Flash project
  • A brief overview of this wiki collaboration
  • Links to any other online work you have done at school (your blog, other wikis, etc)

  • The flash project was a huge success. We were first taught the basics of flash and then how to use the two most basic tweens, color and motion. also at this time we looked at some other e-cars to understand them and how they work. After this we gradually moved into the actual making of the animation.
  • We started the horizon project by the pages made by students from all around the world. Then we read all of their work for the certain topic (mine was used created content). Afterwards we commented on the work and gave them constructive criticism on how they could improve their work.
  • I made a blog for English that I have many assignments on, this blog is also used for other subjects such as social studies and exploratory (drama).
  • I have also worked on the horizon project with Farouk giving feedback and this is the link link here.
  • Here is the original work from the students for the horizon project.