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On this website, viewers will get the chance to look at projects that Mont' Kiara International student had accomplished which was the e-Card animation. Other then that, you get to read the Technology Design Cycle that we met, and also there would be ESLR's. ESLR stands for Expected School Wide Learning Results. The five ESLR's are Effective Communicator, Critical Thinker, Academic Achiever, Self-Directed Learner, Involved Citizen.

In Investigate page, we had to research and look at 5 or more different e-Card animation, then we had to complete our Animation Research sheet to record our notes. The notes must be focus on why the animation is an example of a good animation techniques.
After we finished that, we had to make a Brainstorm. The Brainstorm is a place where you jot down your ideas for your e-Card. If you would like to see the brainstorm, click here. After we had finished it, we had a practice on how to start the e-Card animation. We practiced how to use motion tween, shape tween, and colour contrast.
The page are organized by the technology Design Cycle.
Investigate, Plan, Create, Evaluate are the parts of Technology Design Cycle

And now an introduction of myself. As you all know my name is Hanisa and I'm in the 8th grade. I made this portfolio so i could reflect my work, and others/viewers to look at my work. During this project I learned many different things. We started of with investigate, and during that learned how to comment peoples work not by saying its nice or funny, but what makes it a goos e_card animation. During Create, i learned a lot too. I learned how to make an e-Card, how to use few of the tools and uploading it to blip.tv.

The flash project was to create an e-Card about anything, for example Happy birthday. We had to search and make a criteria of what makes a good e-Card animation,(Investigate) then we had to make a brainstorm, during the plan we had a practice on how to make on,(Plan). Then we got to create it,(Create) which as extremely difficult for me.
While we were working on the Flash animation, we also worked on a wiki collaboration project on The Horizon Project. And my topic was the Social Networking. This assignment was to comment on a work of a hig schooler.
1.)My Blog.
2.)The original Article, Social Networking.
3.)Excepted School Learning Results .