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This here is my Favorite Anime Full Metal Alchemist
This here is the best console in the world!

Here in this space you will find my most recent and old work and how I did it. On this space my recent flash project will be shared among the viewers. This page is organized in Chronological order. Which is in order of oldest to most recent in the order of time. This whole project was organized by using the technology design cycle. The parts of the cycle are called Investigate, Plan, Create, and Evaluate. In each part of the cycle we might research, plan, make, and even make edits to our projects.

I’m Farouk, I’m in grade 8 and I made this portfolio because it shows my academic career. Over this computer unit, I learned that about user created content.

Over this unit I learned about using Flash and what the hyper link above shows.

This unit has been based on the papers that been written by students explaining what they want to change about the school. And that is why this Flash Project came about. The Flash Project basically is producing a Flash Animation of any type with feedback from teachers and students alike. Other users of the net about all our work being contradicted and being fix this Wiki Collaboration. This also shows how the young people of today are utilizing technology at a much higher level as some adults.

This isn't the first time I have used technology to spread ideas. Check my blog out