in this part, we had to create a storyline about our e-card. this was really fun because we finally got to put our ideas to life.

for this part of the project we used the following ESRLs: involved citizen and academic archiver because we had to make the movie sutable for kids and school and we had to create a good quality storyboard.

Here is my storyboard

The final project, when the e-card is complete, it would be approximately 200 key frames and will be detailed. In the beginning, the 2 bunnies would be on the outside of a building, one would be patrolling around a door and the other one would be hidden behind a wall. Then you hear the hidden bunny scream, his mouth will open and show that he is screaming, then the 1st word will come up (YOU), after that the bunny would jump in the open. The patrolling rabid would scream and an alarm will go on, the spot light would go on the door and stay there, afterwards, the 2nd word comes up(ARE). The spot light goes off, the intruding bunny would rush to the door while the patroller would make a front flip jump and land next to the door, INVITED jumps up. Now they are in a dark building with 3 crates at the entrance, the intruder would jump for behind one and shot at the confused bunny (an exaction mark pops next to the attacked bunny to show his shock). To pups up, after it ends, you see the attacked bunny do a “matrix” move and doge the bullet. When THE comes, the 2 bunnies would get a paint gun and start running to each other, just before they jump, ULTIMATE pops up. The 2 bunnies are now “flying” thru the air and screaming “WHAAA!!” PAINTBALL covers the crash but you see the mini explosion. PARTY comes and a bullet flies right at you. The splash makes a surface where the invitation info shows.

This animation would show all 4 tweens, different backgrounds, 2 or ore things moving in each scene and small funny sounds adding to the animation. The mission impossible sound track would add a lot to the action. Everything would have colors, text would be commonly used and multiple tweens would bee used on the same layer and scene.

It will be a long and frustrating process to make everything go as I wanted it to and to make sure that a moving arm would not move in to some weird position. Color changes would be really important in the beginning because of the spotlight. The end would show +more movement and rotation tweens. I don’t know how to make legs and arms move in a realistic way and how to make so that the text pops up and disappears but we will learn that later. I think I know how to use the rest.