Hi, this is my investigation page. this is the 1st part of the project. we had to learn about how to make a good flash and how to actually make an e-card.

for this part of the project, we covered the following ESRLs: self directed learner, effective communicators and critical thinker. we had to work on our own to find what we taught was useful and tween share it to the class.

check out my brainstorm!

This 1st part of the flash unit, we have learned a lot, but before going to flash, we did a research about e-cards on the hallmark website. We had to give our comments on 6 e-cards that we appreciated then we had t brainstorm 3 different clear and detailed ideas . Then we finally got to try flash. We did a flash tutorial that would help us make basic moves. Then we got some worksheets where we learned even more stuff, this time about tweens. When we learned how to use motion tweens, rotations and shape changes, the instructions we received where clear but some of the worksheets where sometimes confusing. Tweens make the items move and it is really useful when we will create motion in my flash animation. Shape tween could help when something is getting closer to the screen and when something is “mutating”. The motion teen will be nearly always working, it is the only way we know about how to make something move in a motion for example: someone running.

For my flash, I was going to use my paintball idea because it is the one that I have the clearest idea of in my head. The audio would be the sound track of mission impossible and I would use the motion tween to make my rabids move and the rotation tween would be great help when the rabids jump and make a spin. My idea was that 2 rabids, a sort of rabbit but humanoids (see Rayman, raving rabids.) would do weird jumps, “matrix like” dodging and stealthy at the beginning. One rabid would be wearing a stealth black colored suit while the other one wouldn’t be wearing any costume, just normal skin. They would be in a bunker like building at night and there would be a spot light looking at the only door to enter it, the patrolling bunny would be patrolling on a metallic stand above the door, then the stealth bunny would get seen and then the patrolling bunny would start shooting small paintballs at the stealth bunny would run and take cover, then the patrolling one would make a front flip jump and land on the floor. Then the stealth one goes in an other building that only has some crates and a truck at the back. Then after some more jumps, and one matrix move, they would jump at the same time and crash on each other and they would both shot one paintball that goes strait at the screen. Then comes my message. In between some stunts, words would pop up
It would have 2 different backgrounds, 1 sound track for the audio, it would bee fully colored to make it more realistic and enhance the graphical design. And text would give some special action to my flash. My flash doesn’t really have any message to the world, it is more of an invitation to send to my friends for a party. My only regret is that it would be to complicated to include some interactive buttons or anything else because the flash is already really hard to make.