This is the final reflection, we have to evaluate our work and say what was important and what we learned.

For this part of the project, we covered

I think that the most important part of this project was the “create” part because after 2 parts of the class designing and testing, we finally got to CREATE our work. Investigate wasn’t really fun because we had so many ideas in our heads that we couldn’t wait to create it but watching e-cards was one of my favorite moments. I think that the plane part was ok but the idea of creating your e-card is just too strong so you just want everything else to go fast. I think that planning your e-card was really fun and you finally got to see what others were thinking! Finally, I think that evaluate is the worst part because you have to criticize your own work and have to find all the small mistakes you didn’t see before. I think it is really depressing because before the evaluate part, I loved my flash but after looking at the details, I see so much stuff I could change or add. Also it is the part where you get the most written work.
Even if we got all the worksheets in the investigate part, I still believe that the create was the most helpful for learning. In the investigate part, we didn’t get to see how hard it was to do everything we wanted it and only learned how to do it with simple shapes but never got to see how to apply it to the right layer and so on. The plane part was the worst part of the project if you look at what you learned because it was pretty much just drawing out what we already had in our heads. Finally the evaluate part was important because we learnt what we did wrong and how to fix it, we also learnt how to learn from our mistakes and that nothing is perfect.
I think that the experience that I got to face problems will really help me in the future. All the flash techniques that we learnt helped us for our e-card and maybe if we wish to keep going with flash but in the end, none of it will help us in the distant future, either our job won’t require it, or flash mx pro will be out of date and better programs would replace it but the team working skills and the problem solving will really help us in the future.