this was the part where we actually got to create the e-card. we had 5 lessons to create our flash and here it is!

For this part of the project we used the following ESLRs: academic achiever, critical thinker and effective communicator because we had to finish it before a deadline, we had to solve the many problems

I have finished my flash animation and I am satisfied of the result, I have used every different animations and I think that my flash shows a lot of creativity. I used a motion tween for all the jumps, when they walk and when the bullets move. I used a rotation tween for the explosion and I used the size change at the end to show that the bullet is getting closer.
It is creative because I am the only one who made a paintball invitation. It gives the audience a feel of suspense and some humor at the end. The colors are always the same on each object, and they fit the topic. The walls are dark grey to show that its night and concert walls.
I think that my e-card show well how it is about paintball except the beginning, I think it would be a confusing for the viewer to understand what he e-cards purpose is but it improves later.
There isn’t any hacks or color changes, everything runs smoothly and the transactions between the text and the action. The theme of paintball infiltration shows perfectly with how the bunny sneaks in and then start shooting. You see that its paint and not metal when the bullet comes closer to you and then makes a splash. The drawings are good but I think I could have spent some more time on making the bunnies. It is short but that improves the action.
I am very happy on how it turned out, if we had some more time, I could make the flash, as I wanted it to be when I made the storyline but the simplified work is still good.
I have to say that I thought that the planning part was harder, here, I only had to follow what I all ready planed. I had some problems with layers, for example, the bunny that is patrolling in the beginning had actually the face of the other bunny on his layer that took time to fix because I had already done half of my e-card when I noticed it.
I really enjoyed watching my e-card evolve; I think that it is also really fun to see others e-cards evolve and to see their ideas. Finally, everyone is really exited to get to the creation part of the class so I really looked up for this.
In this part, I learned a lot. 1st, I learned how to apply all the skills that we learned in the investigate part, and then I learned how hard it is to make a good flash. I also learned how to add music. I learned that drawing bunnies is not as easy as I taught it would be, that you need to make the flash animations simple or it will just be confusing and hard to make.
I feel really confident about my final project. I had to simplify it so I would be able to finish before the deadline but it turned out perfect. I could have spent some more time drawing the bunnies but they already look good. I think that this was one of the best IT projects so far.