welcome to my portfolio


on this website, you will find all my work that I've done this quater, you will find brainstorm,research and tutorial on the investigate page; the storyboard on the plan page and my flash on the create page.
Each page will follow the following format:


this is a short summery of what we did in that part of the year.
this is where i will put what ESLRs we covered in that part.
links to all my work
this is a reflection of what we did and how it turned out in a part of the project.

Each page is about one part of the Technology Design Cycle. the cycle is: Investigate>Plan>Create>Evaluate.

  • I am in 8th grade
  • I created this portfolio to show what we have done this part of the year and to show my academic growth.
  • I learnt how to create flash movies, how to use the basic tools of flash and how to upload "stuff" on wikispaces.

  • A brief overview of the Flash project
  • A brief overview of this wiki collaboration
  • Links to any other online work you have done at school (your blog, other wikis, etc)
introduction to your projects
  • 1st, we had to do some research about flashes, then we got to plan the project on a storyboard and do some tutorials finally we got to create our flash.[[Daniel_Plan|]]
  • we also had a horizon project where we had to grade some high schoolers work about the future for education.
  • here is my blog and my ceramics museum