During the plan part of the project, we created a storyboard by drawing and coloring our scenes on sheets of paper. At the bottom of these pictures of scenes and layers, we had a description of what was going to be inside the scene, and what animations/ tweens we would need to create them.


In this part of the project, I was an effective communicator (ESLR) by showing my understand when I conveyed written, oral and visual information using appropriate media. I did this when I made my storyboard.


My e-card will start off with one monkey on a ladder holding a roller painting the wall. Its hand will be moving up and down the wall while the paint on the wall is getting darker by using motion tween and color change.

Then the roller will fall out of the monkey’s hand and it will continue falling while the monkey’s head turns and it’s arm turns downwards as if it was trying to catch the roller. These will all use the rotation.

Next, the monkey’s whole body will turn and he will be falling, as the roller is not seen anymore on the screen. Eventually when the roller is gone, the monkey’s body would have flipped over and falling downwards. This is done by using the motion tween.

While the monkey falls, you see hands come up from the bottom of the screen, and as the monkey’s get closer, the hand will extend with the arm and eventually the monkey falling will stop while it’s in the other monkey’s arms. I will use the motion tween to do this.

Then, the scene will change to a road and grass on the side. The monkeys will be walking on the road holding hands and they go further and further into the distance.

While you can still see them, there will be a Polaroid snapshot [with sound] and a Polaroid picture will appear with the monkey’s holding hands walking down the road. At the bottom of the Polaroid, it will say “thanks for being there for me!” These animations will be done by using shape tween.

Finally, the monkeys will be a dot in the distance and at the bottom of the screen it will say “especially made for you by catrina <3”

This e-card demonstrates excellent animation design because it uses all four tweens and animations, it shows creativity, and it has audio. I think that the e-card also shows my understanding of flash, by following the criteria.

I think I know how to create this flash animation, but I might need a bit of help as this is the first time I have ever used flash. I also might need to know how to move things in a certain way, but if I try, I am pretty sure I will succeed. If not, I will surely ask.