During the investigate part of the project, we looked at e-cards on the researched what we thought made e-cards good and what made them bad. Then we made a brainstorm to see which of the three ideas we would create. We had details including: story, pictures, location, music/audio, who you send it to, and animations. This was like a mini-plan that created a blueprint of what we thought of doing for the project. Then, to learn how to use motion tweens and the very basics of flash, we made a tutorial animation.

During this part of the project, I was a critical thinker (ESLR) because I gathered, analyzed and processed information from a variety of sources when I made my brainstorm after researching e-cards online.

Check out my brainstorm!
Check out my research -->
My tutorial flash animation-->


From my brainstorm, I will create the friendship e-card.

I am planning to include animations of: a monkey falling down from a ladder with its mouth open, the monkey landing in a friends arm, and they smile. In detail, the e-card will begin with a monkey on the top of a ladder with her hand moving up and reaching towards a banana on the roof. Then, the monkey on the ladder falls down and while you see the background move as the monkey gets closer to the ground and its mouth is open. When it comes to a stop, everything in the scene stops. Then the view moves down a little and you see hands holding the monkey up, and the view gradually moves down more and more and you see another [friend] monkey holding up the monkey that fell. Then they both look at each other and they smile. Then in the background you see the 2 monkeys holding hands and walking down the road, while a Polaroid picture snaps and gets a picture of that. then text appears at the bottom of the polaroid that says, “thanks for being there for me”. Then the monkeys go really far in the distance and when you can barely see them, it ends with a white screen saying in little letters “especially made for you by catrina”.

By making all of these animations, I will show my knowledge of e-card design. I will use all 4 tweens that we learned and make the animations with it. I will also make a background for the e-card, and possibly put audio when they smile, it makes a ding sound like a triangle.

From what I have learned for making an excellent e-card, I will use the class list of criteria required for a good animation, to make my e-card the best it can be.