Catrina's Evaluate Page


In the evaluate part of this project, we looked back at all the things we did and thought about them. It was pretty much a reflection of everything we did in this whole quarter. We saw things that we learned, used, and could have changed.

In this part of the project, I was a critical thinker (ESLR) when i built meaning and understanding for myself using prior knowledge and new information. I did this while writing the reflection because I thought back to all the things that I did in this past quarter and what I learned and how I could use it in the future.

I think that the most important thing that I learned during this project was that if you just try the unknown, you might get the answer on your own. I learned this when we were creating the e-card animation, and I didn’t know how to do a few things. I decided to just try it out before asking questions. Through much frustration and confusion, I usually got it on my own without having to ask anyone. Also, by doing this I was able to help others around me that didn’t understand. I taught them how to do what I had learned to do by trial and error.

I learned the most during the create part of the project. As I stated above, this is how I managed to finish the project, because I learned it all on my own. But sometimes when I tried a lot of things, I would get carried away and not find what I needed in the end. But usually I was able to help other people and get my work done. So I think that I was good at collaborating with others and working individually at the same time.

I think I achieved the effective communicator ESLR because I worked hard to give a message to others about what I thought about friendship. I thought I showed this in a way that I found creative and fun. I also believed I was a self directed learner when I taught myself how to do things and how I planned out what I was going to do each day so that I didn’t fall behind schedule. In the end, I finished on time and managed to help others get on track, which made me an involved citizen.