Catrina Create

General description of the portfolio:
  • Viewers will find all the projects and assignments that have been assigned in the IT8 class of quarter 4.
  • I will share introductions of each part of the project, descriptions of which ESLR's i met and why, brainstorms, research, storyboard, finished animation, and reflections for each part of the project.
  • My page will have links to all the other pages, this portfolio page being the main page. Also, the links will be on the top of the page, and the text and others will be at the bottom.
  • The Technology Design Cycle includes: investigate, plan, create, and evaluate.

Introduction to you:
  • I am in the 8th grade.
  • I made this portfolio to show others in the world what I have learned and what I created out of it.
  • I learned how to create a flash animation and the basics of flash 8. I also learned how to create tweens and animations out of the basics that i learned.

  • carvedcrayons_06-carvedc-16.jpg

Introduction to your projects:
  • First, we looked at e-cards on the hallmark site and researched what we thought made e-cards good and what made them bad. Then we learned how to make shapes and colors, and gradually moved onto learning the tweens and animations, which is how we made our flash animation by ourselves.
  • We looked at online pages made for the horizon projects by other students. We read all their work and looked at what they compiled for the topic (mine was mobile phones). Then we answered some questions that they posted and gave constructive comments on how they could improve the page.
  • I made another blog for english, which we are now using for social studies and drama (the exploratory) as well.