Catrina's Create Page


In the create part of this project, we created (hence the name) the e-card animation. We used all the things we learned, such as tweens and other sorts of technological tweaks to make the animation better. We used our storyboards to guide us to create the e-card animation. We also made a class criteria list of what we need to do make sure we have in the e-card.

I believe I was an involved citizen (ESLR) during this part of the project because I helped others around me that were in need of help, and I "seeked to improve the lives of others in their community".

Ecard for IT8


I met all of the criteria from the class list, except for one: consistency. I also got a few extended criteria points in.

I met the criteria by looking at the criteria sheet while making my e-card. I made sure that I followed all of the criteria points each time I made something.

The final product was much more advanced than I expected it to be. It was also very colorful and funny. I was very impressed with the final product and my peers enjoyed watching it too. I was told to make my ecard more simple so that it would be easier to create, but I wanted to keep mine creative so I kept it like that. With a little bit of help from the teacher and my peers, I completed this project, which was a good one. I started from having no knowledge about macromedia flash, but now I know the basics and can create a nice ecard with what I know.

The ecard was hard to create when starting from the beginning, but as soon as I had a few motion tweens and layers in, I realized that it was very much similar, and became easy to create. In the end, I was flying through it with all the colors and animations.

This was my favorite part of this project because it was hands on and very fun. We used everything we learned to create this part of the project and I enjoyed it very much. It was also a good learning experience because when I had trouble I asked questions and I learned something each time. Also, I learned that each layer must only have one object, and if not, it will create a big problem.

I feel that I need to know how to use all the other buttons on the toolbar, as for this project I only used some of them. I know that they may not be for something that is very useful, but they are there and should be used for some sort of reason. Also, every time I had to do a motion tween, I was kind of lost. I feel that I need to learn how to make it without a doubt and fast.