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  • Introduction to this part of the project (plain text)
  • Description of which ESLR you met and why (plain text)
  • Scanned copy of your storyboard (all pages) (.jpg)
  • Reflection ((plain text) copied and pasted into the page)

Hi! everyone this is my Plan page. In this page we will learn how to to plan before making a flash animation. During my experience we first planned our project in form of story board. A story board is a plan where we draw our project before making it in flash animation. we draw our drawing in different layers key frames so that there is no confusion while making project on flash.


After my e-card is finished, i think my e-card should look very exceptional because it was first time for me to work on flash. i was very scared when i was doing flash animation plan. During animation i might face difficulty in key frame and making layer. This e card demonstrate excellent animation design as it tells me how my e card is different from the excellent e card .An excellent e card must contain all types of tween ,e card must be unique in the class, color should enhance the user . I think my e card contains much like an excellent e card .But i have to learn many things from ms Coffino. My e card contains 4 types of tween it might be not unique in the class but i like my e card.
I have planned to create my animation very unique and appreciating . I did not do everything on my e card.
I do not know how to give sounds in my e card .