Take a look at my pages:

  • Introduction to this part of the project (plain text)
  • Description of which ESLR you met and why (plain text)
  • Reflection ((plain text) copied and pasted into the page)

HI! everyone this is my Evaluate page in which we Had to do our reflection after the flash animation.

Section 1: Your opinions:
*Are you happy with your finished work on this project? Why or Why not? What would you change about your project if you could do it again?
  • I am not happy with my Final project.
Because it was incomplete and was not as good as other students project.
MS Coffino told me that my project did not give complete information what is happening in my project or what do I want to explain in my project.
If I would be given to do it again I would change all the faults in the project keeping a track what Ms Coffino told me to do and make it a better project or best project by applying sounds in my flash animation.

Section 2: Your process:
• How well did you work in the class? Were you productive and on task? Why or Why not? What would you change about your work performance on this project? Why?
• It is really a very difficult question. Well I would say I worked quite well in the class as I only concentrated on my work. But after this not so much success in my work.
No! My productive was not on task because it didn’t give a good result as it should give. I think I will try my best next time if possible.
First I would change my mind into work as a critical thinker. Because if I would use my critical thinking I would not be having such a problem of not finishing my work on time. Then I would also enjoy my project.

Section 3: Your progress:
• Which ESLR(s) do you think you achieved during the courses of this project? Why and How?
I achieved the Self-Directed Learners because I accept my responsibility prioritize my goals to do better next time.