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Take a look at my pages: Investigate, Plan, Evaluate, Portfolio

  • Introduction to this part of the project (plain text)
  • Description of which ESLR you met and why (plain text)
  • Finished animation (.swf) uploaded to and embedded into your page
  • Reflection ((plain text) copied and pasted into the page)

Hi! everyone this my CREATE page. In this page you can see on top of my flash animation that we were talking about. I made my flash in four class. i didn't like my project as it was not to good.

Reflection of flash animation

I am still not happy with my final project because it is not as good as other student flash animation. Ms Coffino guided me what’s the problem in my flash animation, she told me that my flash does not give the full information what’s happening in my flash animation its so confused.
The flash project was quite difficult for me. An incidence happened, it was my second day in project and I forgot to save and the next class when I opened my document it was empty, first I got scared and suddenly started to make the animation from the beginning but still I completed my flash animation but it was not a perfect animation.
Yes I enjoyed the part of project as it was quite fun in learning something new. The flash animation teaches us that how picture moves or how animated films are created which is very interesting.
The main thing that I learned from this project is we should save our project at every step of animation and makes something that could be understood by some person.
I think I am not too confident on animation.