Welcome to my portfolio
Take a look at my pages :
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[[image:space/showimage/cooltext56810034.gif width="161" height="30" link="Aditya_Plan"]]
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General description of the portfolio:
  • What will viewers find on this website?
  • What pieces of work will you share?
  • How will your page be organized?
  • What are the parts of the Technology Design Cycle?
HI! everyone this me Adi the student guide for my Portfolio and i will help you all that what can you find on this website. In this page you will see a link called Investigate, Plan, Create, Evaluate.
These links will help you to find out what are the basics of the the flash animation that we should need to make a perfect flash animation.
The different parts of Technology Design cycle are Investigate, Plan, Create, Evaluate.

Introduction to you:
  • What grade are you in?
  • Why did you make this portfolio?
  • What did you learn?
We were so busy in our discussion that i forgot to tell you that who am I.
I am Aditya Pandey I am in 8th grade. i am from India. I made this portfolio to share my Work of flash to the world and help you all if you trying to make a similar animation on flash like me. No more searching books just watch my portfolio and you will learn all the basics of the flash animation
I know that you all might be thinking that what did i learn?
Well the answer to this question is a lot of things like how to animate objects like we see in cartoons which is very interesting topic, giving sounds to the animated objects and the most important to be patient while making animations which is the most important.

introductionto your projects:
  • A brief overview of the Flash project
  • A brief overview of this wiki collaboration
  • Links to any other online work you have done at school (your blog, other wikis, etc)
Returning back to Flash animation. This journey to final animation in flash was very long. We started our animation with basics if creating a plan which you will find in my plan page very briefly. then we our tutorial package that you can find in my investigate page. Then to create final animation on flash which you can see in my create page looking at my flash animation and finally the reflection in my evaluate page very briefly about my experience in flash.

During our work on flash we got a project called the HORIZON PROJECT
In this project we had to work in pairs and my partner and me did a fantastic Job as we were appreciated for our work.We did our project in horizon project called New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication.
I also do my school works on
*Emerging forms of publication.